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Recommended Protocol

For best results, we recommended a minimum  8 treatments per area resulting in multiple inch loss.


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Laser Lipolysis

Up To 2 Inch Loss Per Treatment

Laser Lipolysis uses low level cold laser technology to reduce girth and adipose (fat) deposits over almost all areas of the body without surgery, downtime or pain.

This is a non-invasive treatment and is considered one of the most innovative methods to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve body contour.

A typical 30 minute waistline treatment can reduce an individual by inch to 1 inches.

How Does It Work? 

The laser heads penetrate skin at a specific wavelength that targets adipose (fat) cells. Once the fat cells are permeated they release free fatty acids (FFA), water and glycerol. Together these compounds are known as Triglycerides.

These 3 compounds are normally released from fat cells when the body needs energy. Laser Lipolysis triggers this response with every treatment resulting in significant inch loss in each area treated.

Benefits to Laser Lipolysis

  • Non-invasive
  • Boosts Collagen Production
  • Clinically Proven - Ultrasound imagery shows up to 30% reduction in the fat layer depth after just one treatment
  • Effectively reduce areas of fat resistant to diet or exercise with fewer side effects than traditional procedures.
  • Targeted Fat Reduction - the ability to target fat reduction in specific areas. i.e. love handles, arms, abdomen, breasts, thighs and calves

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