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Recommended Protocol

6 to 12 Sessions Once A Month At 1 Month Intervals

The number of sessions vary according to type of acne scarring and the severity of the condition.




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Pixel Laser Treatment
Acne Scar Removal & Treatment

Acne can cause mild, moderate or deep scarring.

The Pixel™ laser provides a safe and effective non ablative method for the elimination of pigmented scarring. It also improves flat thin acne scars, as well as deeper pitted acne scars.

The Pixel™ delivers laser energy at wavelengths that are absorbed by the water in the skin.  In a natural process, the skin regenerates. This means a clinical improvement to acne scars.

The combination of Blue Light Therapy for active acne, coupled with Pixel™ Laser Resurfacing of acne scars will make a remarkable improvement to acne scars.

Inquire about other areas, as this procedure can be done anywhere on the body or face. 

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